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Glann ar Mor Distillery

Artisan Single Malt Whiskies from Brittany
Glann ar Mor
is a  familly owned artisan distillery, facing the seaside on the Northern coast of Brittany in a wild and beautiful setting.
With its exclusive double live flame distillation (yes, for the wash still "and" the spirit still), its pair of small onion shaped stills, its worm tubs, its wooden washbacks, and in being easily "The Slowest Distiller in the West", Glann ar Mor (literally "By the Sea" in Breton language) is really different and simply unique amo
ngst whisky distilleries.

The distillery is producing two whiskies : Glann ar Mor which is an un-peated Single Malt named after the distillery, and Kornog ("The West Wind" in Breton language) which is a peated Single Malt.
Both are bottled at the optimal strength of 46% (apart from a few casks bottled at natural strength), without caramel colouring nor chill filtration, as we always do at Celtic Whisky Cie and contrarily to the usual practice in the whisky industry.

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